Local SEO

As they say, ‘world-famous’ in Australia and it’s no joke. If you are looking to expand your business in a specific region or locally, we can help you target geographical areas as well. It is possible to tailor your SEO to target potential customers in your region who are looking for relevant services and products online. A large amount of these potential customers are understandably looking for businesses locally to supply their requirements.

Local SEO

Local sourcing can help customers cut out costs of transportation and communication in certain industry niches. Such customers prefer suppliers that are located close to their own location, in order to ensure trouble-free service. We can help you pin-point such traffic through the following methods:

  • Ensure that you are visible in local business listings above other competitors in the same area
  • Facilitate and maintain regular submission of your business information to local directories
  • Set up your Bing Local and Google+ page, necessary to beat your competition to claiming the page for your business
  • Increase the number of favorable reviews, thereby building your (online) reputation locally

Mobile internet is one of the key factors in driving local business in your direction. Take a look at some of the mobile web statistics culled from analysing mobile web usage:

  • 20% of all traffic to Amazon, Facebook and Wikipedia is from mobile users
  • 63%  of mobile phone owners use their phones to go online
  • 46% of online shoppers use their phones to search for local products and services

Bet that last one was an eye-opener! Imagine, that is almost every second person who is searching locally uses a mobile phone platform to find products and services in their own area. Clearly, optimising your website for mobile phone users is not just an option but an essential factor.




  • Setting and Optimising your Google and Bing Local in terms of Titles, Descriptions, Images, Correct Information, Videos and others.
  • Making Citations in Local Directories, Blogs, Forums & others
  • Boasting User Engagement on Google and Bing Local to get some real reviews.
  • Making, Linking and Activating Google Plus Local Page




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  • “Fantastic job, within a month-and-a-half, we are getting most of our business (68%) from online searches, as opposed to our existing listings in trade directories. It's not only delivering us more traffic and sales but also strengthening our brand! ”

    Matt Jennings, DigiSource Software, Melbourne