On Page SEO


Before we answer that question, let’s look at what our clients have to say about life before optimising their websites for search engines.

“To think that once you have a site up in place, you can sit back and rake in business is a fallacy. We had no idea that once we have a website, there is a bunch of things that you must do to get your website to show up. We were literally just a face in the crowd. Thanks for Your SEO Company to optimise it and make it ranked!”Sarah Binns

“We failed after lot of SEO work, simply because our pages and websites were  lacking the things which should be there.Optimising our website actually made a difference to the traffic to our firm’s website. Once we started to appear in search results, we were glad for all the efforts we and Your SEO Company put into it.”George Luke

On Page SEO

Now you have read what others have to say of their firsthand experience with SEO, let’s answer that question by looking at what can be done to ensure the visibility of your website and its appeal to search engines. On Page Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing your search engine rankings by focusing on your website, its content and design.




1.Keywords Research: Search Engines look for keywords related to what people search for. We will research a list of best potential keywords after analysing your business thoroughly.

2. Content Optimisation: Besides being original, relevant, and appealing, you must strategically incorporate the right amount of keywords into the content. We will optimise your pages with researched keywords. We will recommend suggestion around quality and quantity of pages content where required.

3. Meta Tags Optimisation: Are the page titles, headings, meta descriptions based on important keywords? If not yet, you are missing something more than important. We will will optimise them according to best practices. We will fix missing, duplicate and over-optimised meta tags

4. Web Structure: A website that is well structured and optimised, combined with links are highly preferred by search engines. We will optimize it in terms Semantic Structure, Crawling, URL Structure, Page Size, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Redirection & others.

5. Internal Linking: User convenience is ultimate criteria which can be enhanced by linking pages with each other. Search Engines love it and rank such websites high. We will optimise your website in terms of internal linking

6. Image Optimisation: This can bring significant traffic if done correctly

7. Sitemap Submission: We will generate and submit sitemap in Leading Search Engines to speed up indexing.




  • It will make your website Search Engines Friendly
  • Half of SEO Process will be done. Little push from back-links and you will see your website ranking
  • Your website will start to rank for some keywords automatically
  • You pages visibility on Search Engines will boast up incredibly



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