Link Building

Link building is vital to maintain your hard-won online visibility and testifies to your reputation as a reliable online business, the fact that others are willing to endorse your website and act as proof of your website’s popularity. Whether you’re building up a new site or expanding your old one, your main concern should be to build up links with other websites.

Link Building

Search Engines Concentrate on Links as a Reliable Indicator of Your Website’s Authenticity.


Bad Links


Building links is more than tricky. If not build with sense, can lead to penalty in spit of increasing rankings. Practices that are frowned upon by search engines such as Google include:


  • Link Blasting (Building thousands of links through automated tools)
  • Link Placing Networks (Hundreds and hundreds of such networks have been de-indexed in last couple of years)
  • Software Based Linking (Spun Article Submissions, Directories Submissions, Profile Building)
  • Back-linking to Sites that Are Dubious
  • Submission of Spun Articles (Spinning and submitting 1 article in thousands of directories through software)
  • Anchor Based Back-links (Millions of websites have been penalised on 4th Oct, 2013)
  • Profile Building (Building Profiles in Forums to drop links either manually or through software)
  • Too Many Links From Few Sources
  • Too Much Link Building To Home Page (Around 80 to 90%)
  • Too Many Site-wide Links (Link Schemes which have been prohibited again and again)
  • Too Many Non Local Links (USA or UK Website Links for Australian Site)
  • Signature Links (Using Forum’s Signature to drop links)
  • Links From Irrelevant Domains (From Pets Based Site for a Health Based Site)
  • Linking Domains From Same IP (Mostly in Blog Networks)




Nothing, just a penalty which will push down your rankings to significant level. Is it big? Millions and millions of websites have been penalised either through manual or alogrithmic penalties on name of Penguin

Links from high ranking sites are better than those from lower-ranked ones. Being in alignment with sites that have similar keywords or address the same verticals as you are is better than being linked to sites that are unfocused and not relevant to your business.

Before you select your SEO services provider, ensure that you are not at risk of such ‘black hat’ methods. Unethical methods to increase search ranking can attract severe penalties from search engines.




Definition of good links keep on changing time to time. By courtesy of our researchers, we keep on changing our link building strategy according to updates. 

Link Building Criteria In Compliance of Penguin

  • 90% Random Anchors, 10% Money Anchors
  • Try to get Local Links, City Wise, State Wise, Country Wise
  • Relevancy Counts, Try to be relevant
  • 70% Do-follow, 30% No-follow
  • More Non Sit-wide Links than Site-wide
  • Mixture of Text and Image Links
  • Be Diverse, Get Links from different sources
  • No Too Much Links to Home Page, Try to link Inner Pages as well
  • Be Manual, Be Safe
  • Avoid Building Thousands and Thousands of Links, Few Quality Ones Can Work!
  • Build Links Steadily, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We only use ‘white hat’ SEO practices. We do not use any software to generate back links and all our links are placed manually. This ensures that your website does not get penalized by search engines.

Back links to your website must be varied and from multiple types of websites. Therefore, you need a host of techniques as just one type of source will not work. 

Remember, links are what determine your online reputation and like any reputation, they need to be maintained. Similarly link building is a continuous process. On the flip side to this on-going process, healthy links will increase your network and the reputation among others.




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