PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is a streamlined and paid for method of marketing on platforms that lets you pay to be seen sooner intrinsically. As a brilliant way to ensure you get the furthest reach and most authority within a certain industry, you can be sure to capture a far larger segment of the audience compared to simple organic strength. These ads are strategically placed within search engine results pages or within social media pages and as the poster, you will be charged every time the ad is clicked on. 

With an agency to guide you you can refine your placement parameters to ensure that a higher rate of those clicking will actually convert into sales, giving you a far higher return on investment when considering marketing costs. With many ways to approach this strategy of placement, it is always best to use a reliable agency to hone in on the data for you.

From Search to Display, Remarketing, Mobile, Maps, Apps, Shopping, we can help your client’s in all sort of Google Ads, Bing Ads, AdRoll and Amazon Ads. What are you waiting for?

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  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Mobile Only
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Local Ads
  • App Ads


While each client has individual needs that need to be met, the process we go through for each client looks fairly similar. Our process includes

ppc audit - PAY PER CLICK

ppc audit

A PPC allows you as the client to get a full overview of what's happening on your account. With isight into placements, performance and conversions rates you can fully understand what is happening without having to go into the system itself. Presented with a conceive and comprehensive report ensures you can focus on the important details rather than wading through the information.

campaign draft - PAY PER CLICK

Campaign Planning

When working within the campaign dynamic it is important to have clear and thorough planning on all fronts. With small gaps or weak links campaigns can hit speed bumps and lose traction. With an agency behind you as a professional resource you can properly plan for every situation and make sure that you have plans in pacle for a range of scenarios. Whether panning specific elements or entire campaigns, we can get the job done for you.

campaign setup - PAY PER CLICK

Campaign Setup

Setting up a campaign is important and is often what costly mistakes can be made. We can offer our services to ensure that all goes as it should. Our professional team will make it airtight, allowing you to rest easy knowing your campaign will be rolled out as expected. With proper setup and design there should be few initial hiccups. As long as the mnessager and traffic direction is good, you can focus on the rolloud from a logistical point of view.

landing pages - PAY PER CLICK

Landing Page Creation

When users enter your site or move around within it, they need pages that welcome them and allow them to understand what they are looking at. Landing pages serve as an introduction to the company or service on show. From a brief breakdown to examples and offerings, these will guide the user to where they need to be.

budget monitoring - PAY PER CLICK

Budgeting Services

With budgeting services we can guide you through all elements of spend and cost to ensure that all is within the defined budget and that everything can be achieved within the budget. As we can offer professional insight we can guide clients as to the best places to save and spend accordingly to get the best results for the money you have available.

conversion tracking - PAY PER CLICK

Conversion Tracking

With conversion tracking you can precisely tell when you have achieved your predefined goals within the digital space. As you set up goals to achieve, this tracking system will let you know when and where, as well as under what circumstances, it took place. These could be sales or contact forms, depending on what conversion you are tracking.

weekly analysis - PAY PER CLICK


With reporting you can precisely track and detail the traffic behaviour and activity on your site. Where sales are made, where users drop off the site and how long they stay within each space. With this system you can set goals, markers and conversions to let you know when certain points have been reached or crossed and where you may be falling short of your intended marks.

Specialised Tools

At Globital Singapore we make use of a variety of advanced and specialised tools that assist us in our PPC process.

semrush - PAY PER CLICK

SEMrush + Google Keyword Planner

unbounce - PAY PER CLICK


agency analytics 1 - PAY PER CLICK

Agency Analytics + ReportGarden

optimizely - PAY PER CLICK

Optimizely + Crazzy Eggs


As rel;oiable experts across platforms we can perfectly advise you on the advantages and short falls of these PPC services, as well as the entirety of your online strategy. With Your SEO Company you can succeed within the online space with ease. As a professional offering with a team of trained staff ready to go, we can facilitate your digital marketing efforts so you can focus on the more pressing matters. Working with you to provide the assistance you need, we help you meet the elements of an online business that many do not have time or resources for. Without the proper support you may miss important business opportunities, we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen any time soon. Trust the professionals to have your back.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a great way to get traffic to your website by means of targeted ads that are placed on search engines. With PPC, you get the unique advantage that you only need to pay if a customer actually clicks on your ad.

Once you have your keywords decided, you can arrange for your ad to appear alongside search results. The advantage of PPC is that it targets people who are already looking for the same keywords. This increases the likelihood of them clicking on your ad. As the name suggests, you only Pay Per Click (on your ad). For example, if your ad is published on Google’s display network, you will only pay according to the number of actual clicks on the ad that lead traffic to your web site.

You can design your ads in a variety of ways, for both PC and mobile users, thereby including the millions of smartphone users who go online. We maximise your profits by increasing the number of visitors to your site through ad campaigns that are tailored to attract your target audience.

Certain PPC services share their results with other search engines and content networks. This increases the traffic to your site considerably. It is also the quickest way to get off the mark and start generating traffic. Cases have been recorded on Google Adwords where traffic has started within the first hour of opening a PPC account. While SEO marketing can take up to weeks to generate results, PPC is also cheaper than other forms of paid advertising.