When you outsource your optimisation work to a reputable white label agency you have the benefit of utilising a wide base of skilled individuals to get the job done right. With SEO outsourcing you can cover a much wider base of tasks and clients, allowing you to focus on the most pivotal points of a campaign or tackle accounts far above your man power and availability. 

Book a free trial with us and see just how much this service can benefit your business and streamline your productivity. Get expert skills at the ready when you need them with these dynamic offerings, from content production to ensure a refreshed site, or optimised ad and meta description layouts, a reliable agency can fill in the blanks and ensure you have what you need to tackle your market head on.

From  Standard SEO to Local SEO, Premium SEO, On Page Errors Fixing, Link Building, Technical SEO, Auditing, Adhoc SEO Support, you are covered with our skilled and experienced team of more than +100 SEO Professionals.



White label SEO is a dynamic service that ensures all bases are covered when it comes to your own business or service offering. Giving you some much-needed backup and auxiliary work, this allows you to focus on the key parts of the campaign throughout.

These services are beneficial to any business as they are not only results driven, but also give you an affordable option to use when you need it. This allows you to take comfort knowing that your workload will always be covered.

With specialist tools that allow for in depth analytics we can also make sure that your business has everything it needs to succeed in the online space. With valuable data to hone in on, these insights give you the power to target your audience ideally and increase your conversions.

With the right marketing tools at your disposal you can make sure you reach the most effective levels of reach and conversions for both your business. Providing strategy and perspective within the digital space, these tools hone your marketing efforts.

With a team of professionals at the ready, the level of support you will experience is almost unparalleled. With a team that is able to deliver insight and support in all situations you can rely on them for assistance with a wide range of marketing functions. As trained, skilled individuals there to help you, this is a fantastic resource for any business to rely on.

With white label reporting you can get full integrated and informative reports on the entire service, as well as individual sections of it. This allows you to have a solid overall idea of what is being done as well as the benefits it has presented. 


By courtesy of our dedicated research team, we keep on updating our SEO Strategy from time to time according to updates and directions of Search Engines. Whether it’s Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird or any other update, our SEO strategies are in compliance. The best thing about us, we are active members of leading internet marketing platforms like MOZ, Search Engine Land, Traffic Planet and many more. So, we don’t only compatible with current updates but have a close eye on future anticipations which helps us in improving our process consistently.  Here is an elaboration of our SEO Process

In-depth SEO Assessment

Result Based Keyword Research

On-Page SEO Strategy

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Content Strategy

Technical SEO Strategy

Competitor’s Analysis

Continous Rankings & Traffic Monitoring

Monthly Reporting


landing pages - SEO

To ensure where you are standing, we get full insights of work done so far.

client transfer - SEO

Setting your clients on our portal to assure seamless migration of things from your previous provider.

integrations - SEO

Connecting you website with our advanced tools so we can track and monitor performance consistently.

consolidation - SEO

Empowering performance with strategic actions so we get better outcomes than ever before.




We can give you access to top quality services to make sure that your organisation is achieving all its goals and strategic benchmarks. Promoting your reach and ability to connect with an audience segment, this is the modern way of ensuring all your business checks are met in time. With years of experience and expertise across the industry, this is a team that can get you off the ground or breathe new life into your online campaigns. With Your SEO Company you can succeed within the online space with ease.


Considering that e-mail and search are the two top online activities, the disadvantages of not being optimised are significant:

  1. 75% of Web Browser Searches Are Conducted with Search Engines
  2. 75% of Searches on Search Engines Made on Google
  3. 75% of People Never Scroll Past the First Page of Search Engine Results
  4. 70% of the Searchers Click on are Organic Results
  5. 70-80% of Users Ignore Paid Ads
  6. Leads Through SEO Save 60% as Compared to Conventional Marketing
  7. Leads Generated Through SEO Have a 14.6% Closure While Direct Mail or Print Advertising Have a Closure Rate of 1.7%
  8. Leads Through Google is At Top in terms of Conversion Rate
  9. Studies have shown that on Google, 18% of organic clicks go to the #1 position, 10% of organic clicks go to the #2 position, and 7% of organic clicks go to the #3 position. Unfortunately, until you turn up on the first pages of search engine results, you are just a face in the crowd.

Now, if your website is optimised for Google, Yahoo and Bing, you can be sure to rank higher in the results page. However, in order to safeguard against unethical practices, search engines constantly evolve their algorithm. SEO is not a one-time only activity. We can help you to continuously maintain your high rank in search results with ongoing SEO activities that build on the basis of your initial efforts.


We will conduct comprehensive SEO Audit to start with which will include On Page SEO Analysis, Off Page & Back-links Analysis, Keyword Research & Rankings, Top Priority Keywords Suggestion, Competitors Analysis, Recommendation and Selection of Keywords with your consultation!

We will fix SEO Issues including Visibility, Meta, Links, Content, Semantic and Images. Then we will optimise your website in terms of Meta, Content, Keywords, URL Structure, Internal Linking, Sitemaps, Search Console Submission, Analytics Installation and others.

It's impossible to move forward without fixing current back-links in terms of Quality, Diversity, Anchors, Locality, Do-follow v/s No-follow, Home page v/s Inner pages, Image v/s Text Links, Social Sharing, Pace and other factors. This step will not be practiced with new websites.

After analyzing your current back-links, domain authority, page rank and other factors, we will make a dedicated link building strategy which will be 100% white hat in compliance of best practices so that you get ranked and stay ranked for long. No fear of Mr. Penguin Penalties:)

We will deliver you Monthly Ranking and Analytics Report. We will set monthly communication system, discuss these reports with you and revise the strategy if required. This is the way to do and this is the way we do!

Within few days, we will initiate our process which will move systematically with SEO Audit, On Page SEO Analysis, Previous Links Fixing, Link Building and so on. We have a big team so we can put on board within few days.

It varies from business to business. It depends upon keywords competitions, competitors strength, your website authority and other factors. You will see significant improvements each month and will be on top of charts within few months but unfortunately, there are not exact time frames.


Search Engines look for keywords related to what people search for. We will research a list of best potential keywords after analysing your business thoroughly.

Besides being original, relevant, and appealing, you must strategically incorporate the right amount of keywords into the content. We will optimise your pages with researched keywords. We will recommend suggestion around quality and quantity of pages content where required.

Besides being original, relevant, and appealing, you must strategically incorporate the right amount of keywords into the content. We will optimise your pages with researched keywords. We will recommend suggestion around quality and quantity of pages content where required.

Are the page titles, headings, meta descriptions based on important keywords? If not yet, you are missing something more than important. We will will optimise them according to best practices. We will fix missing, duplicate and over-optimised meta tags

A website that is well structured and optimised, combined with links are highly preferred by search engines. We will optimize it in terms Semantic Structure, Crawling, URL Structure, Page Size, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Redirection & others.

Nothing, just a penalty which will push down your rankings to significant level. Is it big? Millions and millions of websites have been penalised either through manual or alogrithmic penalties on name of Penguin

Links from high ranking sites are better than those from lower-ranked ones. Being in alignment with sites that have similar keywords or address the same verticals as you are is better than being linked to sites that are unfocused and not relevant to your business.

Before you select your SEO services provider, ensure that you are not at risk of such ‘black hat’ methods. Unethical methods to increase search ranking can attract severe penalties from search engines.

Building links is more than tricky. If not build with sense, can lead to penalty in spit of increasing rankings. Practices that are frowned upon by search engines such as Google include:


  • Link Blasting (Building thousands of links through automated tools)
  • Link Placing Networks (Hundreds and hundreds of such networks have been de-indexed in last couple of years)
  • Software Based Linking (Spun Article Submissions, Directories Submissions, Profile Building)
  • Back-linking to Sites that Are Dubious
  • Submission of Spun Articles (Spinning and submitting 1 article in thousands of directories through software)
  • Anchor Based Back-links (Millions of websites have been penalised on 4th Oct, 2013)
  • Profile Building (Building Profiles in Forums to drop links either manually or through software)
  • Too Many Links From Few Sources
  • Too Much Link Building To Home Page (Around 80 to 90%)
  • Too Many Site-wide Links (Link Schemes which have been prohibited again and again)
  • Too Many Non Local Links (USA or UK Website Links for Australian Site)
  • Signature Links (Using Forum’s Signature to drop links)
  • Links From Irrelevant Domains (From Pets Based Site for a Health Based Site)
  • Linking Domains From Same IP (Mostly in Blog Networks)

Definition of good links keep on changing time to time. By courtesy of our researchers, we keep on changing our link building strategy according to updates. 

  1. 90% Random Anchors, 10% Money Anchors
  2. Try to get Local Links, City Wise, State Wise, Country Wise
  3. Relevancy Counts, Try to be relevant
  4. 70% Do-follow, 30% No-follow
  5. More Non Sit-wide Links than Site-wide
  6. Mixture of Text and Image Links
  7. Be Diverse, Get Links from different sources
  8. No Too Much Links to Home Page, Try to link Inner Pages as well
  9. Be Manual, Be Safe
  10. Avoid Building Thousands and Thousands of Links, Few Quality Ones Can Work!
  11. Build Links Steadily, Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Local sourcing can help customers cut out costs of transportation and communication in certain industry niches. Such customers prefer suppliers that are located close to their own location, in order to ensure trouble-free service. We can help you pinpoint such traffic through the following methods:

  1. Ensure that you are visible in local business listings above other competitors in the same area
  2. Facilitate and maintain regular submission of your business information to local directories
  3. Set up your Bing Local and Google+ page, necessary to beat your competition to claiming the page for your business
  4. Increase the number of favourable reviews, thereby building your (online) reputation locally

Mobile internet is one of the key factors in driving local business in your direction. Take a look at some of the mobile web statistics culled from analysing mobile web usage:

  1. 20% of all traffic to Amazon, Facebook and Wikipedia is from mobile users
  2. 63%  of mobile phone owners use their phones to go online
  3. 46% of online shoppers use their phones to search for local products and services

Bet that the last one was an eye-opener! Imagine, that is almost every second person who is searching locally uses a mobile phone platform to find products and services in their own area. Clearly, optimising your website for mobile phone users is not just an option but an essential factor.


Writing for the web is a different ballgame from writing for other mediums. Your content has a direct relation to your search engine rankings. We ensure that your website has original and relevant content that is synchronised to well-researched keywords. However, just an abundance of keywords is not going to get you into the top league. Search engines are constantly on the lookout for ‘keyword stuffing’ and they are quick to penalise any forced or excessive use of keywords.

As they say, not quite yet. Even if the content on your website is correctly aligned with keywords, visitors to your site can still lose interest when faced with badly written content. We analyse keywords, incorporate them and ensure that the resulting content is of high-quality. After all the efforts of optimisation, it makes no sense to lose customers to bad writing. Well written content will also ensure that visitors return to your website again and again. We can assess your website content for SEO compatibility, perform keyword research and analysis, and write quality website and blog content for you. It is our objective to ensure that your content meets all SEO criteria and we even provide updates and reports that allow you to track the progress and results of our strategies and methodology applied.

  1. We will create SEO Content, optimised with your keywords according to Best and Updated SEO Practices
  2. We will not only make content Search Engine Friendly But we make it User Friendly as well!
  3. Analyse and Fix duplicate content if any
  4. Analyse content of existing pages in terms of our keywords
  5. Optimise content of existing pages with keywords
  6. Fix keyword stuffing where required and optimise it.
  7. Extend content of existing pages where required
  8. Industry Oriented Optimised Blog Posts 


If the content is king, say then content management would be the key to the kingdom. Every online business is completely dependent on the quality and relevance of content on their website. However, for most businesses, content management is an alien activity and far removed from their core products and services. Tasks such as maintenance and updating the content on their website usually take the back-burner and the risk in such complacency is that you can easily be forgotten by search engines.

Search engines are fickle and very selective. If they feel that a website has gone dormant and the content on it is no longer being updated, you can be sure that your search ranking will sink quicker than the Titanic did.

Is your aim of making your business popular and successful? Content management cannot be neglected. You need fresh content going on to your website on a regular basis. Alongside, you also need to promote your site, build links with other sites and write blog posts.

1. Experience

Our experience in SEO and online marketing has helped us create methodologies based on what worked best for us in the past. We have a proven track record in assisting firms to reach the top of the search engine results page. Our experience also makes us up-to-date with the latest in SEO principles and enables us to offer custom-tailored solutions to clients of all sizes, big or small, and from different industries as well.

2. Integrated SEO Solutions

We can help you go the whole hog, assisting you on everything from website design and structure, content creation, blog postings and social media marketing. We ensure that there is a strong element of ‘connect’ between all these activities and they support each other in meeting your business goals.